Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Freaking out as a sign of bravery!

I was invited to give a webinar on Flipping CLIL by Letizia Cinganotto from TECHNO-CLIL. It was a great opportunity to talk a little bit more about flipped learning, to get to meet many interesting people, and to get to use a new platform, WizIQ. However, like 10 minutes into the session I started to notice people's comments about my audio... to my eyes it was something like this:

Sound is terrible.
Sound doesn't work
I'm missing the session
Bad sound
Sound problems
Bad sound
No sound
Will the recording be better? 
I'm hearing ECHO
There are people talking in the background! 
Terrible sound
No Sound

I wanted to yell, too... H-E-L-P!!!!! 
I know I wasn't supposed to be looking at the chat all the time, but I just couldn't help it! I never want to be one of those teachers who ignores students' cries and just goes on with the content. I don't want to be one of those people for whom the only important thing is what they are saying! I wanted to make sure people were listening to me, so I PANICKED!!! I FREAKED OUT! But my freaking out was a sign of bravery! 
I freaked out because I tried something new. 
I freaked out because I wanted to give my best to the people listening to me. 
I freaked out because I didn't want to disappoint Letizia!
I freaked out because I care!

So, who cares! I'm willing to keep freaking out all the time! I want to always freak out if it means to learn something and to have an amazing learning experience. 

Thanks a lot to the participants of the webinar for their patience and for their willingness to stay connected! 
Oh, and don't be afraid to freak out when flipping! If you panic, it's because you are learning and making a diffrence to your students!

Just for those interested in following up with the session, here's the link to the recording!

Thanks Techno-CLIL EVO session. 

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